Top3Dentists invites Las Vegas Dentist, Dr. James P. Wright for Top3Dentists Credentialing Process

Top3Dentists invites Las Vegas Dentist, Dr. James P. Wright for Top3Dentists Credentialing Process

Aug 25, 2013

August 25th 2013:  Top3Dentists has invited Dr. James P. Wright, for his selection as a Top Cosmetic and Holistic Dentist in Las Vegas, NV. Dr. Wright has been invited by Top3Dentists team to join a network of expert dental professionals who achieved  and maintain highest standards in their fields of specializations. Using state-of-the-art technology & materials at Four Seasons Dental Spa in Las Vegas, NV, Dr. Wright is a top notch professional. Dr. Wright is a visible – and audible – advocate for dental common sense.

As a holistic dentist, Dr. Wright takes into consideration the cause-and-effect relationship between a patient’s oral health and the health of the rest of their body. In contrast, a traditional dentist tends to focus on the more mechanically oriented tasks of treating symptoms and repairing structures as problems arise, without looking for root causes.


Top3Dentists Credentialing Process

Dr. Wright has received this invitation as a Top Holistic Dentist for passing a rigorous Credentialing Report created by Top3Dentists as a means of distinguishing outstanding dentists. The Credentialing Report is an assessment of Dr. Wright’s practice, patients, laboratory work, mentors, instructors, accolades and training. The ranking of a Top Dentist is achieved only after the nominated dentist’s aforementioned groups and institutions have been contacted in order to verify the dentist’s standard of excellence. This report is created using information and stories provided by dental laboratories, dental suppliers, dental patients, and all those who have seen this doctor’s work first hand.

About Dr. Wright

Dr. James Wright became a dentist because he wanted to help people look and feel their best. His philosophy is to treat every patient with respect, kindness and dignity. Patients say his caring chair-side manner makes them feel comfortable and relaxed. Dr. Wright is a long time accredited member of the International Association of Oral & Medicine Toxicology (IAOMT). He uses their recommended mercury removal methods for biological dentists to protect patients from inhaling mercury vapors (Hg) or coming in contact with any mercury particulate during the mercury removal process. Dr. Wright uses mercury air filtration in his office for additional protection against toxic mercury vapors. After using the correct biological dental protocol to remove the decayed tooth material, he restores the tooth with the least toxic, most biologically compatible material available today.


 About Top3Dentists

Top3Dentists (T3D) is dedicated to providing patients and dentists with relevant information and assessments of top dental professionals throughout the United States and Canada. As a resource for outstanding dental professionals who aim to distinguish their practice, T3D aims to educate the public regarding dentistry, dental training, specialties, accolades, and technology. Using an unbiased panel of dental professionals, Top Dentists are nominated, reviewed, and given a rating system based on actual patient, instructor, mentor, staff, and laboratory feedback.


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