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Now you can choose a nearly invisible way to straighten your teeth, and achieve the dazzling smile you've always dreamed about in Connecticut.

What are Invisalign® braces?

Invisalign® is a revolutionary system for straightening crooked teeth and closing gaps between teeth. In many cases, Invisalign® can get rid of the need for traditional metal-wire braces that have long been used in traditional orthodontic practice. The system utilizes the latest in computerized technology and three-dimensional modeling to generate a series of clear, see-through aligners or "clear braces". They are virtually unnoticeable, and are often referred to by many patients as "invisible braces". The clear aligners are specially fabricated to fit your teeth exactly, and over time, they move your teeth into a position that gives you a natural-looking, straight smile.

Invisalign invisable bracesAnd because the trays are removable -- eating, brushing and flossing are no problem. You can still enjoy your favorite foods and smile without holding back. So, whether your teeth are crowded, too far apart or have shifted since wearing braces, you'll have a new reason to smile. With Invisalign®, there's nothing to hide. Invisalign® invisible braces are more comfortable than metal braces as metal braces are usually more painful and can cause irritation and inflammation of the gums and soft tissue. The elastic bands and tightening forces used with metal braces can often cause discomfort. Although there may be slight discomfort when you start wearing Invisalign® aligners, in general, most users find them very comfortable.

and orthodontists can perform the Invisalign® procedures.

Special training is required for a dentist to be able to place Invisalign® invisible braces. In addition, not all Invisalign-trained dentists are created equal. Some have taken the training, but are not progressive in using it and will use it for only a very limited number of patients. Others are more responsive to the needs of the patient and, if you want the invisible braces, they will do what they can to provide this service. At Top3 Dentist we have selected our Invisalign® dentists based on training and attitude.

Connecticut is home to plenty of great dentists. Whether you live in Fairfield or Windham or somewhere in between, we can help find you a Connecticut dentist specializing in Invisalign® invisible braces to meet your dental needs.

Invisalign Dentist, Connecticut

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